How does it work?

1. Create your shop account for free

Once the account has been created and email verified, you as a vendor can begin to add/upload pictures of your products onto your shop for free.

2. The buyer pays you directly online

once a purchase has been made in your store, you will get alerted by email. You then have 24 hours to acknowledge the order and 48 hours to ship out. If you as the vendor doesn’t acknowledge the order and the buyer package is not mailed out within 48 hours, you will get a reminder email urging you to ship out package(s) within the next 24 hours. If package(s) are not mailed out within the required timeframe, account will be suspended for 7 days.


3. You ship

once the order(s) has been confirmed and acknowledge the amount is credited into a virtual wallet until the buyer receives their package(s). In an instance where a buyer receives damaged goods, ASM will reach out to the vendor with this information. If the buyer decides on a refund, that amount will be deducted out of the funds in the virtual wallet. If the buyer decides on receiving a replacement package, the vendor will have 48 hours to ship out after that request has been made.


4. You receive your funds

once your package(s) has been received by your buyer, funds will be deposited into your account on file minus the commission fee. The rate at which funds will be available to the vendor depends on when buyers get their products and how satisfied they are with their purchase.


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